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Should you apply for disability?

If you are unable to do substantial gainful work because of a medical or mental condition (or combination of conditions) that will last at least twelve months or result in death, you should apply for benefits and contact an attorney. 


Did you know?

Around 75% of all disability claims are denied by Social Security, even after one appeal! Yet, on average 70% of claims are APPROVED after a hearing. As your attorney, I will prepare your case right from the start to ensure you get the benefits to which you are entitled.


Social Security Myths Debunked

As soon as you are unable to work, and do not expect to return to work, APPLY IMMEDIATELY. You do not have to wait one year. I can help you submit your application. You may be eligible for disability benefits even if you are still working part-time. A large percentage of denied cases that are appealed are APPROVED after a hearing.


You do NOT need to gather medical records before applying. Social Security and/or your attorney will do that for you. You do need to provide complete information about where you received medical treatment.


Disability benefits may be awarded for mental limitations. Seek mental health treatment and apply for benefits if your limitations cause you loss of work.


Pain or medication side effects can be disabling. If you are unable to work because of pain, or the medications you take, you should apply for benefits.